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There Is NO Other Online System Generating As Many REAL Results As My Google Friendly Websites Do, And Here's Why...

1) ZERO Traffic Generation Required - No more wasting your money on push-button traffic softwares that simply do not work, or risking hundred or even thousands of dollars on other paid forms of advertising!  Google Friendly Websites generate their own FREE traffic automatically month in and month out (so you NEVER have to again, I promise)!

2) NO Experience, Technical Skills or Huge Amounts of Time Required - You will be able to have your first automated profit pulling Google Friendly Website up TODAY...And it will start bring in cash for you for months and even years on 100% total autopilot, like they do for me!

3) ZERO Financial Risk - Why? First, my Google Friendly Website concept is 100% proven to work for anyone (watch my video for proof). Second, I give you a better than money-back quarantee on the tiny course fee I charge for the formula (real, not fake sofware) and like I mentioned earlier you will NEVER have to put up ANY money at all ever again for marketing hoping it pays off!


Dear Future Friend,


I hope you're ready for this...


... Because I'm about to speak to you very, very honestly.


I'm about to show you EXACTLY how I made $1,719,274.09 over the past three years with CPA networks and other people's products using a very carefully formula...


And that's with ZERO paid traffic generation or costs...


... Breaking all the so-called guru's "rules" and without spending a cent.

BUT what's more (and perhaps shocking to you) is I'm NOT the only one doing it.


Because this a real, tried and tested method and NOT yet another "push button software scheme" or so-called "traffic loophole" that 'some kid' just discovered in some cave.


The truth is - Google Friendly Websites work. Always has, and always will. And as you read on, you'll see some other peoples successes with it too that were my beta testers.


I Want This System! (Let Me In Before You Run Out!)


Let's start off with a question... How much profit did you make online this week or even this month? Let me try to guess...

How'd I do on my guess?

Don't worry because I am the guy who will turn things around for you in a BIG way.

See, the true reason you're still stuck.. not understanding how the big dollars are made online.. waiting for that big break, or just downright unmotivated is because you are fed BOGUS OPPORTUNITIES!



A lot of these guys do make Millions of dollars.. but they don't do it using the "One Click Softwares" they try to sell you..


No, in fact, all too often those softwares are created by people who don't understand the internet at all!


That'd be like having your sister build you a push button software that makes money on demand… It Just Can't Happen!


Not because the programmers aren't smart, or because the methods suck, or because you don't have what it takes…



I want you to really think on that one for a second…


There are Fortune 500 companies out there paying THOUSANDS of dollars every day to get traffic to their company you think if there was a "push button" software that they would still be unloading cash for no reason?

Think about it! you know I'm right!


Now if you are the type that thinks that there is some way you can push a button and strike it rich instantly... this isn't for you.


..if you think that generating $100,000 paydays happens over night for ANYONE? this isn't for you! Ok?


..if you'd rather waste your hard earned money on some worthless promise? Please.. just do me favor, just leave.


And Lastly..


…if you'd rather NEVER try anything and just watch other people profit in 8 easy steps using a PROVEN Google formula … This isn't for you either!


Download The System Now! (Copies ARE Limited)


Once your Google Friendly Websites are active, you can spend a quick 10 minutes in the morning and see the commissions that got automatically generated from your GFWs the day before while you relaxed, hang out with your family, sit on a cruise ship down in the Bahama's somewhere, or WHATEVER you are doing with all your newly discovered spare time.


Now before you start to judge me… let me show you something then reveal the truth so you are not mislead in any way!

Most pages like this on the Internet will show you faked screen shots or are not really from the actual results of what is being presented.

Unlike other online marketers, I ONLY show real results that cannot be faked and do 100% come from the results of my formula.


Watch the video above and pay attention to the dates :-)


I created fresh accounts to show you what you can realistically earn from scratch starting on Day 1 with what I am teaching you on. To view the realistic REAL TIME proof of the profit pulling power of my formula make sure to watch the full video presentation at the top f this page.


Hows that for honesty :-)


"Google Friendly Websites Have Made Me $1,719,274.09 Over The Past Three Years & Dozens Of My Recent Beta Testers Are Making Money Too Thanks All To The Exact System I'm About To Reveal To You..."

And right here on this webpage, I'm going to explain EXACTLY how (if you qualify), you can put it to work for you too.


But first, don't take my word for it. Instead, check this out...


Remember – The income and the examples you'll see in my video presentation found above are...


ALL FREE Advertising (no paying for traffic again - EVER GUARANTEED)... It's all from the tiny 1 to 2 hour to setup simple Google Friendly Website sites that once built, make you money on autopilot for months and even years to come like they do for me and my beta students.


... AND that it's all made without doing any "traffic generation" whatsoever.  NOT even wasting time writting articles after articles...


I've Seen Enough! Let Me In Now!

Just Set-It-And-Forget-It! You will just follow my 8 simple and basic GFWs steps and then start profiting.

Google Friendly Websites WORKS!!!  I Even Pre-Tested My Step-By-Step Training To Make Sure It Works For Everyone Before I Launched It To The Whole World. Here Are A Few Beta Testers Experiences...

Obviously, the Google Friendly Websites formula has made me and many others A LOT of money.


... But how exactly does it work?... And can it work for you?


Well, it's actually a really simple 8 step process.


And REMEMBER- I walk you through every single step in painstaking detail both on video (so you can watch me do it live) and via ebook.


So, here's the Google Friendly Websites system in a nutshell: (like I said, unlike the "gurus" I've got nothing to hide)


There is no limit to the niches you can dominate and get page 1 rankings for, IF you know how to do it the right way…

And I'm taking all the guesswork out of it by giving you access to my proven Google Friendly Website formula!

Here's the basic process...

1) Pick A Niche & Product (FREE affiliate products - I show you where and how)

Remember, I will personally show you EXACTLY how to pick proven winning products (that you NEVER pay for yourself), sniff out the golden opportunities and ultimately only promote products that will make you the most money.


And find the right keyword to target in Google that will guarantee success before you build the simple 1 page site!


These are rare, but with over 3 years experience and hundreds of GF sites behind me, I've got it down to a simple formula... One that will allow you to hit those top #5 spots on Google almost EVERY time and bring you THOUSANDS of free, laser targeted visitors each month and making awesome profits without you doing any work. 


Don't worry about needing website building skills or having to know HTML stuff either.

2) Follow along and create your Google Friendly Website using wordpress

This is the biggest secret right here, and it's in the way we build the site. It's actually really easy once you know my Google secrets.

... And don't worry...

• GF sites are TINY (basically one page) so they require hardly any writing or much work at all really.

• GF sites do not require ANY technical knowledge or coding. (You'll watch me do it all live on camera, then repeat yourself step by step).

• GF sites do not take weeks to setup. In, fact you could have your first one setup today. Then you never have to touch it again I promise.

3) Watch the profits come in on AUTOPILOT from all the free traffic you will be getting from the search engines

Yes. It really is that simple.


2 Reasons –


There really is ZERO on-going work, traffic generation or even link building. You set it up once. That's it. The traffic will come to YOU through Google and other search engines FREE.


And second, it WORKS! And providing you follow my step by step set-it-and-forget-it roadmap taught live on video in the members area. You just copy me, you WILL see results.


That's right, all you need to do is copy me and you'll see JAW DROPPING results like I show in my video above.

Give Me A Copy Now 100% Risk Free!

If You Have Watched My Video Above On This Page So You Can See That Google Friendly Websites Are The Fastest & Easiest Way To Generate FREE traffic, Afffiliate Sales and CPA Profits Unlike Anything Else Online...

Anyone can just go out online and build a blog or website.


The challenge is, HOW to setup profitable Google Friendly Websites the right way using my proven formula so you get the same awesome results right away.


To do it all yourself is not easy and takes a lot of time. Here is a snapshot of the whole process:


Keyword research – you need the right keywords or you'll never reach page 1 no matter what you do!

Domain name – it DOES matter what website name you choose and if you mess this up you'll struggle.

Wordpress setup – there are some VITAL things you need in your FREE wp site to get page 1 rankings and free traffic automatically.

Webpage settings – there are some vry important tweaks that need to be done to get page 1 rankings and free traffic.

HOT affiliate product – no matter how much traffic you get, if you don't have something people will BUY you can't make money.

Monetization – add CPA (Cost-Per-Action) affiliate links to your site and a list building opt-in form on every page. You get paid even when people don't make a purchase.

Special Content Nuggets – your site needs a very special type of content so Google ranks on page 1 every time (99% of automatic traffic tools do not provide ANY quality content–this is a surefire way to get de-listed!)

Backlink Building – your site needs to get lots of authority sites linking to it over a very special time period (this has to be done perfect, going to fast and search engines know you are trying to trick them and will slap your site!)


It's quite a list and a lot to know and do…


No worries though, I have spent years figuring out the perfect storm (formula that Google is looking for) and put it in a simple 8 step process so you can start winning right away with and to keep it rolling for years exactly how I do it...

The Google Friendly Websites Formula Uses Special Keyword-Optimized Pages That Use Power Content Nuggets That Attract FREE Traffic Automatically From The Search Engines, Capture Those Visitors And Convert Them Into BUYERS.


Your vary own Google Friendly Websites are going to be setup with guaranteed profitable "money keywords" + keyword-rich domain + optimized site setup + special content + and backlinks…and with that your Google Friendly Websites get high search engine rankings within 72 hours, which in turn means they get targeted FREE TRAFFIC flowing to them daily!

That traffic, or site visitors, see great content on the Google Friendly Websites and the chance to get a special report with more FREE info to help solve their problem, so they signup on the lead capture form which means they generate FREE SUBSCRIBERS for you!

The subscribers then get daily followup emails with targeted, hot-selling offers for products they need to solve their problems, so those promos turn into affiliate sales, which means the Google Friendly Websites generate FREE affiliate commissions!

Plus, you also make direct instant sales sometimes on the very first visit made by the visitors.


The money you see in the video at the top of this page is real affiliate earnings for me using the GFWs formula. The money you see on my video presentation comes from me starting from scratch using the formula that I am going to give you access to.


This Clickbank (and others like Adsense, Commission Junction, MaxBounty and other free-to-join affiliate networks) money gets automatically deposited into my bank account like clockwork!


Some weekly, some bi-weekly… but I get money ALL the time directly injected into my bank account, now you can to with my help.


Remember, I've put everything all in one place...


Download Your Copy Now. (For Just $47!)


But listen- You know what the best part about all of this is?

... It's that (as long as you can follow instructions) you'll be building sites *just* like this too.

Because Google Friendly Websites formula and course is such a strong, proven system, and it's taught in such painstaking step by step detail (with NOTHING AT ALL left out) it WILL work for you too.

And better yet... I'm prepared to GUARANTEE it.


Here's My Personal "Make Money Or It's Free" Guarantee...

I'm so confident that Google Friendly Websites will make you money, that I am prepared to let you try it risk free for an entire 60 days.

That way, you get peace of mind, and I do too!

You see, I don't want to worry that your unhappy, because if you decide that the Google Friendly Websites formula isn't the right system for you can get a full refund at anytime during that 60 days.

So you are free to try it out. Watch the step by step videos, build a couple GFWs, try a couple methods from my proven Google profit getting formula's - just give it a go...

And if you don't make money, don't make enough money or just don't like my system, no problem at all!

You'll get every last cent refunded to you. No questions asked.

I just wanted to make it very clear to you that this is a completely ZERO risk purchase.

Paul M. Birdsall


"Paul, This All Sounds Awesome, But I'm Starting To Get Worried I Won't Be Able To Afford It..."

First off- don't worry about the price (I made it possible for EVERYONE to afford). In case you hadn't already noticed... This is a very different kind of system (one that actually works).

And it's not going to set you back $1,000. (Although it'd be worth 10x that easily).

I want you to think about this instead... How much is it worth for you to have access to the exact same system that made me over a $1.7 Million the past couple years and that's helped hundreds of other beta testers make instant profits too.

... Or more importantly...

How much is it worth for you to have the power to be able to generate unstoppable targeted traffic for your business?

Let's talk about a specific example...


Here's A Realistic Way To Reach Your Financial Goals!

So, you've already seen from my video at the top of this page, that four Google Friendly Websites make me over $13,000+ after only six weeks and remember that starting from scratch right in front of your eyes. No launch shots, or faked screenshots either...

But let's say a *only* makes $700 a month, like one of my smaller ones does...

Now you know that it only takes a few hours to setup a site like that, so...

... Imagine if you had TEN...

Yes, just ten, and you could a handful of those set up today...

Because setting up each site is so fast... and doesn`t need additional money spend on marketing... And you never have to touch it again!

And do you know how much income that would generate per month?

$7,000.00 a MONTH for months, even years to come...

And picture it... They run *for you*, getting traffic and making sales, day and night... Churning out thousands of dollars for months and even YEARS to come... And all on total autopilot. 

What if you made 20, 50 or 100`s like me!

How much is that worth?

You'd be able to buy a new car, take 4 vacations a year... or maybe even quit your job.

Imagine that: Not having to go into work every day and spending 30 minutes on the computer checking your stats instead.

Honestly, If I said each of the limited number of copies available of Google Friendly Websites was $1,000...

It'd be a steal. Quite frankly I'm sure I'd still sell out.

But I've got some good news for you. Because the price isn't even half that.

In fact, because I know what it's like to really feel stuck in the mud wondering how you're getting to get yourself from zero to that job quitting income...

It's not even $297. Or $97.

Those who are lucky enough to get their order in before it's CLOSED will get access to this, and everything I've used to make over $1.7 MILLION... for less than $50.

While it's still available, You Can Get The Entire Google Friendly Websites System For...



Just $47! (... It's Limited)


But better hurry. Because while I'm not limiting this to any specific number (just in case we go over)... I will have to take this page down at some point, and judging by the number of people visiting this page every few seconds right now... It won't be long at all.

So download your copy now... Before it's too late...


YES! I want to be one of the very limited amount of people who will get access your Google Friendly Websites formula, the only REAL online method to making $10,000 a month starting from scratch on complete autopilot with 100% FREE Traffic for GOOGLE!

And because I am taking fast action today, I will have the right to get on board for the special price of only $47

I understand that: 

This unique system has the potential to make up to $10,000+ every month and change my life for good using your set-it-and-forget-it GFW formula.

I will receive instant access to Google Friendly Websites For A Crazy Low Discounted Price Of Just $297 $47.

If for any reason within 60 days I didn't feel it was worth 10x the price you'll give me my money back.


I'm rushing to the 100% secure checkout page by clicking the "Buy Now" button now:


Click Here To Buy Now

Instant Access To Google Friendly Websites Even If It's 3 AM

100% Safe & Secure


Remember – You are taking absolutely no risk here. With the 60 day guarantee, all the risk is on me. Download it and try it out. Just don't be surprised when Google Sniper works, and makes you money too.

See you on the download page, 



Paul M. Birdsall


P.S. Look, Google Friendly Websites flat-out works.

You've seen video proof of me making over $13,000+ from scratch without spending a penny on marketing, you've heard from my first beta students on how it`s helped them, you`ve seen my screenshots from my success... All that's left is for you to hit that download now button. I promise that 5 minutes into the first video, you'll know you made the right choice.


Give Me The System Now (Just $47 For Instant Access)



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